Poppy Power

Poppy has been in the Fogia Collection since 2017, with a lower version introduced in 2018. A versatile piece of furniture, it’s a firm favourite. Here, Nina Jobs—Poppy’s designer—talks a little about how she hopes it will be used and how the world around her influences her output.

How does the world around you have an impact on your work?

Different cultures are a strong inspiration to my work. Meetings, journeys and culture contrasts, and the way they affect and leave traces on work is actually quite common in Scandinavian design. You could liken it to a traditional Swedish recipe, tempered by an Indian spice, for example.


How do you hope Poppy will be used in its new home, by its new owners?

Poppy should be a fun, practical pouf that can be used in many settings, both contract and private. The quilted panels give added layers of comfort and two sizes let it fit in lots of potential spaces. I see it finding a new home in lobbies, tv-rooms, offices… anywhere you need an extra seating option. And you can remove the cover for cleaning, which is pretty much a prerequisite in today’s sustainable design framework. To launch a product without this consideration isn’t right I believe.

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All done. Nice work.