Lyra Lounge & Big Sur Low

We are happy to announce two new additions to the Fogia collection.

Say hello to Lyra Lounge and Big Sur Low.

Designed with the reputable designer Andreas Engesvik, the Lyra Lounge is the super-comfy armchair that proves that design aesthetics does not have to compromise on function.

“Lyra Lounge is a good example of what Fogia always try to achieve – the mix of non-compromise in design, materials, and comfort – that give our customers a product that they can love and pass on for generations to come.”

The Lyra Lounge is a design piece with contrast in materials and expressions, where graphic lines meet soft flexible shapes. With a distinct appearance and an out- standing comfort this armchair will certainly become a favorite in any setting. The soft padding and perfect angle literally suck you into it and make you feel like falling into a pile of pillows.

The metal frame is wrapped by canvas which creates a lightweight structure that is understandable and moveable. The construction allows for relaxation and comfort with- out taking up too much space. The Lyra Lounge can also be combined with the matching Lyra Footstool for the ultimate comfort.

“By choosing a canvas base, I wanted to achieve a nice natural feel, and a transparency with the design, materials and construction of the Lyra Lounge. What you see is what you get.”

Big Sur Low is a confident, elegant sofa table that enhances any space. The clean and well thought out design combines its main material glass with wood, to create an exciting contrasting effect. The transparency of the glass allows the table to come alive from its surroundings and create a light appearance despite its generous size.

The design with the contrasting combination of glass and wood, is inspired by Big Sur, an area of California with dramatic views and striking contrasts between the blue ocean water and the rocky mountain cliffs. The design expression is simplistic and stripped from layers and elements and flirts with modern American architecture.

Big Sur Low is the result of a collaboration between glass designer Simon Klenell and wood expert Kristoffer Sundin. Fogia has added their expertise to make complicated solutions look easy.

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