A word with Luca Nichetto

One of the most prolific designers working in Sweden today, luca nichetto’s work brings a welcome energy and bold sense of proportion and colour to our Swedish shores. We spoke to him about design, politics and social responsibility. 


What impact does politics or social conditions have on your work?

I would actually love it if none of the products had a political impact but of course, like everything else, they’ll bring both political and social connotations. By developing a product you have to consider the social aspects connected to it as how it will affect society.

Does design have a critical role to play? And does your own work carry a message?

Design plays a critical role because it alters the way people live. By designing products you can improve the standard of living. The way I work carries its own message, I seek to bring honesty first. With new, honest, products I support the companies and brands who produce them by giving them more work which consequentially brings jobs to people.

How do you hope your work for Fogia this year will be used in its new home, by its new owners?

I hope both projects, sofa and vases, will bring to the customer the chance to establish a relationship with the products in themselves, not only based on functionality but also on an empathatic level.

What’s it like to be a designer today? Has it changed during your career?
Being a designer today is completely different compared even just to a couple of years ago. Today a designer needs to be multidisciplinary, they need to have a knowledge of the business and a 360-degree understanding of how the industry works.
How does the world around you have an impact on your work?
Everything around us has an impact on my work, especially
if you keep your eyes open!

Jord leather close up.


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