Fogia has teamed up with the renowned bar and restaurant Tjoget to revamp the venue, enhancing Tjoget’s distinctive aesthetics with some of the characteristic Fogia furniture. The selection includes carefully curated pieces such as the Bollo and Tripot family, Myko Chair, and Figurine Stool, all harmoniously complementing Tjoget's industrial vibe.

The custom Bollo Armchairs, inspired by Tjoget’s signature cocktail, ‘Beets by Tjoget’, adds a vibrant touch to the space. Upholstered in hues resembling the main ingredient, beetroot, and designed with legs that reflect the cocktail's foam, they bring a unique flair to the ambiance.

The goal was to create inviting environments where guests can unwind, savor drinks, and linger. Whether it’s by the bar in a Bollo Barstool, in the dining area seated on a Myko Chair, or at the beer café on a Tripot stool. Each corner of the venue offers a unique atmosphere, contributing to its own distinct touch to the setting.

Tjoget is situated in Stockholm's lively Hornstull district, and known for its modern atmosphere, excellent bar, and commitment to music and culture. With regular events like DJ nights, fashion parties, and art exhibitions, it's the perfect destination to kickstart or conclude an evening. Joel Söderbeck, Tjoget's co-owner and restaurateur, remarks "Fogia is a genuine brand known for craftsmanship, quality, and visually stunning furniture. Their blend of function and design creates a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, which aligns perfectly with what we aim to achieve at Tjoget. Collaborating with Fogia was a no-brainer."

Photos by: Mathias Nordgren