Hotel-Restaurant Mühltalhof

Situated in Austria's Mühlviertel region, Mühltalhof is a hotel and restaurant, a place for enjoyment—culinary, cultural, and excellent design, led by Chef Philip Rachinger. During its opening, a thorough search for the perfect chair took place, leading Philip to find the ideal piece from Fogia during a trip to Oslo.

Philip Rachinger is not just a chef at Mühltalhof; he believes in building connections with people, which is palpable in the friendly atmosphere of the place. This dedication also reflects in his choice of the Bollo Dining Chair.

In this project, Philip worked with AREA, a company specializing in interior design. They offer customized solutions for architects, interior designers, and diverse clients, with a focus on a people-oriented business model.

"Philip asked me to find a chair where people would enjoy sitting and have another 2-3 bottles of wine. Challenge accepted," recalls Simon Ladner, CEO at AREA.

Philip's vision for a pink-themed restaurant manifests in Mühltalhof's details—the napkins, art, and pink-based chairs. His first experience with Fogia's design in three-Michelin-star restaurant Maaemo in Oslo, left a lasting impression.

“In my opinion, true beauty is mainly found in nature—a fresh leaf, a pile of leaves. In Fogia's Bollo Dining Chair, we have discovered exactly this beauty. Airy, organic, restrained yet exceptional, it is precisely the chair that complements Mühltalhof and us," says Philip Rachinger, Chef at Mühltalhof.

Photos by: Tschinkersten Fotografie