Futur Pension

A beautiful, functional interior designed by Whyte Lilja for Futur Pension, located in Stockholm. The architects came to Fogia with a view to incorporating a number of pieces in special finishes, colours and textiles. Poppy, Dini and Figurine are just a few of Fogia’s furniture that help bring this workplace to life.


Simple and easy to move, the Poppy pouf is a crossover piece that bridges uses of space. It complements both home and workspaces; encouraging perching, foot-resting and lounging. Children and pets love to sit on it, too. 

Nina Jobs’ joyful design is durable with removable quilted covers for a long life. Inspired by the floppy beauty of its synonymous flower, Poppy quietly lifts spaces – and spirits – to new heights. Designed with Nina Jobs


Assured and effortlessly cool, the Dini draws inspiration – and its name – from the iconic sports cars created by Italian industrial designer Marcello Gandini. Designed with Andreas Engesvik.

It is rooted in a mid-century aesthetic with clean lines and generous, wide-open seating. Comfort is key, with a backrest low enough to lean arms across and ample space for one, two or three people. Choose from a range of upholstery to suit the mood of the room.