Join us for Stockholm Design Week, February 6-12
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Deviate to Discover

Swerving from the expected and daring to differ. That’s how we evolve and excel. During Stockholm Design Week, we invite you to discover what we’re all about as a brand. You'll also have the chance to get a first glance of our new products, designed with Andreas Engesvik, Inga Sempé and Björn Dahlström. Welcome to the heart of Fogia: our transformed waterside concept store!

Chartered Shuttle Boats

Enjoy the real beauty of Stockholm together with a refreshing drink. Hop aboard our Fogia ferry that departs from Nybroviken, Berth 10, and operates Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, between 15:15 and 20:00.

Other ways to get here is by SL-boat 80 from Nybroplan (21 min), bus 402 from Slussen (7 min) to Finnboda Hamn, by taxi or by car. Free parking space available for our visitors.

Opening Hours

Monday 09.00-18.00

Tuesday 09.00-20.00

Wednesday 10.00-20.00

Thursday 09.00-20.00

Friday 10.00-18.00

Saturday & Sunday 11.00-16.00

Or by appointment

Don't miss out!

Amazing Bond installation at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Don't miss out on the opportunity to see the Bondinstallation in Stockholm Furniture Fair. It's the center piece of The Gallery Edition, curated by the talented Sophia Bratt. See you at the fair, Stand C15:20!

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Fogia Art Selection 1st Edition

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Katja Beckman Ojala

Katja Beckman Ojala is inspired by the sublime qualities of nature that come when things are formed over a very long time. She draws inspiration from the collision and confluence of forms in nature, such as rock formations, moss and deep sea landscapes. 

Coming from the classic school of weaving, Katja is interested in challenging and broadening the spectrum of weaving. She inserts the process of weaving in an innovative way. Introducing alien materials together with classical yarns to create textile sculptures.

Katjas works are subtle, despite their strong colors, they do not scream for attention. They are not in a rush, all they have is time, and patiently they wait to be gazed upon, for someone to go in and explore the different surfaces, to allow themselves to get lost. Silence is a language only the one who takes the time to listen can understand.

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Emelie Abrahamsson is a Swedish artist based on Hönö. Since 2018 she has been working with clay and opened her own studio 2021 in her grandfathers old boathouse. Today she runs her own company mliceramcis.

Emelie is building up and sculpturing stoneware clay bit by bit. She uses the coiling technique to sculpt her ceramic pieces and the main tools are her hands. This to find a timeless, unique and modern product.

Grewing up on an island, Emelie has always been curious about new materials and different ways to understand her surroundings, both on land and in the ocean. Her curiosity as a child still lives within her every time she starts building a new ceramic piece.

"I love to work with natural textures and large shapes, but what inspire me the most must be the history and soul of the ceramic tradition."

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Malin Pierre

Swedish visual artist Malin Pierre creates organic glass sculptures. With an intense curiosity for materials; their surfaces, weights and textures – Pierre works in an impulsive and exploratory manner.

She is absorbed by the idea of how different materials appear and behave, from soft to hard. The shapes and the structures are abstract with the feel of soft textile and all her originals are made out of fabric. Based on this, Pierre’s sculptural glass shapes manage to evoke the expression of sewing art and voluminous upholstery.

Malin has a background as a scenographer within television, movies and commercials before deciding to focus on her art fulltime. She was born 1977 in Jämtland and is based in Stockholm.