Meet Barba Lounge
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The Barba series, designed with Andreas Engesvik, has celebrated sculptural roundness since its release in 2019. Now, we introduce Barba Lounge - a sofa and a lounge chair with the same design cues but more generous dimensions and a superior sink-in softness.

Low to the ground, wide and deep, the highest priority with Barba Lounge is to create an inviting coziness. A special attention has also been given to the linear flow, impeccable from every angle. Barba Lounge adds warmth, a sophisticated ease, and a stylish statement to any space. The Barba Lounge pieces are handmade in Fogia's own factory, with a frame in traceable solid beech, wadding and a foam partly consisting of recyclable polyurethan.

See more information and photos of Barba Lounge Chair and Barba Lounge Sofa.

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