Fogia presents: Crafted Potential by Kajsa Willner
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CRAFTED POTENTIAL is an exhibition by designer Kajsa Willner, exploring the untapped potential of residual materials and by-products from the Fogia’s manufacturing process. The exhibition is dedicated to researching and finding methods and applications that could lead to reintroducing residual materials into the production.

With the start of a joint research and mapping of Fogia’s residual material streams and lifecycles in the Fogia factory, Willner began to explore various waste materials and test their possibilities as a resource and raw material in tactility, form, and function. Through both small-scale and large-scale case studies, Willner illustrates and investigates the potential of different residual materials to be refined through different approaches such as:

Material Development – What kind of regulations and end of waste criteria are needed to be set in place when developing new materials?

Upcycling – What kind of systems approach is needed for scaling-up upcycling on a global level?

Craft Techniques – Can craft techniques and processes influence new production systems that are less rigid and more dynamic, scalable, productive, and sustainable?

Collaboration – How do we foster a stronger collaborative culture within the design industry to find more holistic perspectives and encourage future progress that goes beyond the product?

Implementation – How can iterative processes like the design process be implemented on a structural level to help manufacturing companies improve their ways of working and speed up sustainability transformations?

CRAFTED POTENTIAL is an exhibition that celebrates all the opportunities in considering waste as an untapped material resource. And how different methods can inspire the implementations of systems where residual materials can achieve their full potential.