Fogia Art Selection part 2 – Where Design Meets Art

The story behind Fogia Art Selection stems from our firm belief in art as an essential element in spaces that evoke emotions. Art escapes time and eludes definition, just like our furniture. By showcasing them side by side, we aim to transmit a rich and inspiring experience in our concept store. The carefully selected artworks highlight textiles, silhouettes, and forms in a unique manner, breathing new life into our products and making our concept store truly distinctive.

Fogia Art Selection also serves as a platform for talented artists to showcase their work and share their vision to a diverse audience, an aspect that is equally important to us.

Experience Art Selection at our concept store. For those unable to visit us in person, click here to explore images.

Fogia Concept Store,

Finnboda Varvsväg 19A,

131 72 Nacka

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Micael de Leeuw

Micael's artistic journey at Idun Lovén art school was a transformation from painting to sculpture over two years. Initially focusing on painting, his work gradually broke free from the confines of the canvas, exploring space and angles. Transitioning to Konstfack university was challenging, yet his interest in materiality persisted. He merged his exploration of painting with a new medium: yarn. Currently, his work delves into technique, movement, and the interplay of analog and digital methods, representing a constant search and discovery. He aims to bridge physical reality with the abstract, continuously pushing boundaries and seeking new understandings.

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Malou Palmqvist

Malou Palmqvist's art reflects the passage of time and the decay of the material world, particularly in stoneware ceramics and fabric sculptures. She portrays the deformities of the human body, symbolizing physical and mental decline. Through her work, she questions the reactions of materials, capturing moments of collapse and movement.

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John Artur

John Artur, a Stockholm-based artist, underwent a significant shift during the pandemic. After years in commercial fields like music and fashion, he embraced his lifelong passion for color and form. Rejecting commercial projects, he delved into the fundamentals of color and pigments, merging them with new technologies. His art, spanning painting, sculpture, and digital imagery, explores the harmony between organic and synthetic elements. This journey led him to proudly embrace the title of a free artist.”