Filling a Niche

Just a few weeks after its launch, Niche is proving to be a really engaging piece of furniture. Designed by TAF for Fogia, it’s as if the designers have tapped into an expression that’s been missing in design for a while. On the run up to its launch, we spoke briefly to TAF Studio’s Mattias Ståhlbom.

Niche in Tonus 474 from Kvadrat.


“We really do hope that Niche will be completed, as it’s a great piece. It’s got this vintage half crescent shape that references classic saloon chairs you might find in an old members bar.
“The one we made with Fogia for the National Museum was specifically created to fit these niches in the windows of the restaurant—so they’ve got that unique size. One and a half seats, probably not the most practical unless you’re well acquainted with someone sat next to you. But the space would have been dormant otherwise,” Ståhlbom explains.

Since the opening of the restaurant in the National Museum, the attention and press the project has received has been extensive. Understandable given the size and scope of the project, coupled with its project team being something of a Swedish design super collaboration. Indeed, National Museum’s Niche has attracted considerable praise; particularly from stylists like Annaleena Leino.

“The small version of Niche is a more progressive version of its larger cousin. It’s still got the undulations of a button back but we’ve left off the actual buttons. The effect is achieved in a way that you can remove the cover at the end of its life and recycle every part of the chair easily. And it’s got a really sturdy metal frame so it’s very strong.”

Niche comes in two formats, each with its own aesthetic. Specced in leather and the edges are left open for a modern raw feel. In textile and they’re given a double seam for structure.

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All done. Nice work.