Diiis & That

Diiis are the only design studio based outside of the Nordics that Fogia currently collaborates with. Still relatively young, they bring a great perspective to the Fogia Collection, not to mention a fresh design language that’s easy to love.

We asked them a little about sustainability and designing against obsoletion.

Today, how do you consider the term ‘sustainable’?

During the development of a new design we think the sustainability should always be in our minds. When it comes to the choice of the materials, the techniques used, how it is produced, and also the origin of the different components this is where we as designers can accept responsibility for our environment. We cannot save the world on our own but we can work towards doing something as a collective.

How do you as a designer work to create something which will not become obsolete?

We always strive to find a design solution that is on trend and classic at the same time. On the one hand the product should have a touch of trendiness, so that the user is willing to buy it, and on the other hand it should be simple and decent so that the user can always integrate it in their interior. Our goal is that that the product becomes a permanent fixture in the consumer’s life and can be easily combined with other furniture and objects.

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All done. Nice work.