Our design process relies on the skill and creativity of our family of collaborators. Many of these individuals and studios have been with us for years now, and it’s been a pleasure to see them grow alongside Fogia. Our approach to working with them is to grant them freedom to work and develop their design organically. They are also free to visit our R&D facility at our factory as often as they wish, to explore the potential of their creations together with the skilled craftsmen who will help bring them to life.

We believe that to give them boundaries, or rules to adhere to, would be to restrict their creativity and compromise their work. The result of the freedom every Fogia design collaborator is a range of designs with true character and a quality that exceeds expectations. Recognisable, iconic Fogia design for you to use and love for generations.

Fogia’s pieces are designed with:

Andreas Engesvik

Norwegian designer, Andreas Engesvik is one of Fogia’s most prolific collaborators. At the helm of his eponymous studio since 2010, he’s the mind behind Fogia’s iconic Tiki, Dini, Bollo and Barba. Influenced by the classic lines of Italian sports cars, his retro-futuristic forms have made him a legend in the Fogia universe.


Anika Reuterswärd

With a background in interior architecture, Anika Reuterswäld creates work that draws from her considerable experience in the field. Seeking to create pieces that can be used by everyone and enjoyed throughout their lives, she eschews avant-garde shapes and forms. Reuterswärd has had a long-standing relationship with Fogia since our beginnings.


Atelier Alba

Atelier Alba is a Stockholm-based architecture and interior design practice. Its work is elegant and measured, often playing with and twisting conventional scale to create eye-catching forms.


Bo Westerdahl

With a lengthy career spanning decades, Bo Westerdahl emerged from design school and nestled under the wing of Carl Malmsten, his professor, to cut his teeth at Malmsten’s studio. A creator whose place in Sweden’s design legacy is assured.


Carina Seth Andersson

One of the doyennes of Sweden’s craft industry, Carina Seth Andersson is a joy to behold in all respects. Her work is studied and purposeful, relying on her instincts and extensive crafting experience to make distinctive, timeless items.



Founded in 2015 by graduates Susanne Roser and Martina Staub, Diiis is Fogia’s first collaborator from outside of the Nordics. In a design process that targets functional simplicity to create a lean aesthetic, Diiis has a well developed slickness and personality in its pieces.


Håkan Urdell

Former development director at Fogia, Håkan Urdell was a unique designer and central character in the progression of Fogia as a brand. Under his guidance Fogia began to develop its reputation as makers of high quality soft seating.



With its distinctive style of architecture, Koncept could lay claim to be the pioneers of Sweden’s stripped back, exposed, industrial spaces in hotels like Story in Stockholm and the M.O.O.D. shopping centre. If you can see raw brickwork, pipework latticing across a ceiling or rough concrete, it’s probably the work of the studio.


Luca Nichetto

With one foot in his homeland, Italy and the other firmly planted in Sweden, his adopted home, Luca Nichetto’s studio has gained a solid reputation for its wide ranging reference points and precise design execution. His stance on the design industry and its responsibilities to the wider world we live in are informed, honest and unique.


Elin Rahnberg and Martin Berling are an unlikely new force in Swedish design. Seemingly appearing out of nowhere with a modular shelving system that has already been hailed a modern Swedish icon. With respective backgrounds in retail interiors and entrepreneurialism, via boat building, the pairing have hit upon a formula that results in unexpected design gold.


Monica Förster

With some of Sweden’s most iconic products bearing her name, Förster’s work is characterised by a pure sense of form. As a designer, she brings a hunger to explore new typologies and ways of fusing industrial design methods with traditional crafting techniques.


Nina Jobs

Stockholm-based designer, Nina Jobs began her creative path as a graphic designer before transitioning to physical objects. Her work is often laced with natural references, and carry an underlying functional usability to help extend the product lifecycle beyond a single generation.


Norm Architects

Design collective Norm Architects has been carving out a well-realised niche in Denmark and beyond since 2008. Guided by nature, harmonious balance and attention to detail, it builds on the classic principles of Scandinavian design, which makes them perfect collaborators for Fogia. One of the most alluring elements of Norm’s work is the consideration for the pieces in context of the spaces they might be used in.



From its disruptive entry into Sweden’s design landscape in 2008, the Note collective can easily lay claim to being one of the most influential design studios in Sweden with a reach that today stretches around the globe. The studio’s work is multifaceted, intelligent and critically acclaimed. Note has been Fogia’s design partner since 2013.


Simon Klenell & Kristoffer Sundin

Interior architect, Kristoffer Sundin and craft artist, Simon Klenell collaborated to create the Big Sur range for Fogia. Individually, the pair are well known for limited edition explorations into crafts. As creators they could be considered part of the back bone of Sweden’s contemporary crafts scene from the end of 2009 onwards.   


Stefan Borselius

With an abundance of natural talent and skilled in handcraft and carpentry techniques, Stefan Borselius is a pleasure to collaborate with. His design is is a true balance of function and form, with an aesthetic that’s forward thinking but timeless in its intent.


TAF Studio

Founded in 2002 by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom, TAF Studio has amassed a wide portfolio of pieces and projects; achieving considerable critical acclaim. The firm’s reference points are rooted in the everyday; familiar forms with purposeful twists of function and material.

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