Colour is Life

Each year, Fogia embarks on a mission to explore colour, materials and textiles on the run up to the launch of its new collection. Behind the scenes, Fogia’s resident textiles experts, design manager, CEO and members of its creative collaborators, Note gather to talk colour and trends.

“Textiles plays a huge role in Fogia, especially at the fair but it’s a bit of an unsung hero. This year we’re placing it in the spotlight.” Sanna Wåhlin, Note.
Prior to Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019, we managed to grab a few minutes with Sanna Wåhlin from Note, who has been active in providing the colour direction for Fogia’s year ahead. Amidst the bustle of the Stockholm collective’s studio, Sanna poured through countless swatches, sketches and CAD mock ups of the 2019 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair stand while returning often to the notion of Fogia being a brand that doesn’t follow. It leads.


“With Fogia we’ve always managed to be quite daring. Always wanting to push things, especially with colour and finding the right textile and shape,” she beams, continuing, “In the very beginning we said we’d try to get Fogia out onto the big stage and push the boundaries and conventions of an ‘old company’ entering a new phase. The company already had a reputation for quality and comfort but what we (and Fogia’s new owners) wanted to do was add an iconic edge and dare to stand out in the crowd.”
Fogia’s now an established design producer, but it’s also a company with a defined identity that’s now well taken care of.

“These days when you consider Fogia you can see it’s a brand that knows what it wants. It’s not stuck in a niche, not so concerned with tradition (but is respectful of the traditions of Swedish design and craft). At the same time, you get this feeling that its at the beginning of it’s journey,” says Wåhlin.

As part of its work with Fogia, Note has helped to identify many of the designers currently enjoying relationships with the brand. And helped to foster the design language and long term relationships which has played a significant part in the development of what could be seen as Fogia’s second coming. “The designers have a relationship to the brand and, in return, the brand has a connection to the designers which other companies don’t enjoy quite so much. Looking at the collection now, it’s really an ensemble cast—lots of pieces contributing to the whole and complementing each other,” she notes.

Fogia has deployed colour with devastating effect with each new collection. The rich creamy, coppery tones of the Tiki sofa, and soft pink Bollo springing to mind alongside expanses of warm raw veneers. Always seeming to be on-trend but ever-so-slighty ahead of the game and left of centre at the same time.

This year will be no different. Unexpected and directional, yes but timeless at the same time. “We’re using hues that are strong but quite old-fashioned. A dull edge to the colours and unconventionality but they’ve got this edge to them. Another case of Fogia hacking out its own path,” Wåhlin explains.

“We’re also using lots of aluminium and transparent plastics to contrast abasing the softness of the furniture and initiate a dialogue there. The key idea is a clothing store for furniture, with those textiles as the key seasonal pieces.”

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All done. Nice work.