Designed with Note

Supersolid is a range of objects developed as a point of contrast to the softness of Supersoft. It’s a range of design objects that enhance Supersoft’s function as a central part of a space and complement the sofa.

Although each piece in the collection appears to have a function in mind, there’s nothing to say that it cannot be used for something else. A bench becomes a table, a table becomes a footstool… And there’s a deliberate heavy materiality which gives an intensity which Note feels is often missing in modern newly built interiors. 

Each piece can be used singularly but the beauty of the collection comes alive when numerous objects combine in a space. Small in size, but aesthetically commanding.

How to tell them apart:
Supersolid Object 1 (square), Supersolid Object 2 (round), Supersolid Object 3 (long), Supersolid Object 4 (short), Supersolid Object 5 (high).

Supersolid Object 1
w: 30 h: 32 d: 30
Supersolid Object 2
⌀: 42 h: 40
Supersolid Object 3
w: 100 h: 30 d: 30
Supersolid Object 4
w: 38 h: 50 d: 18
Supersolid Object 5
w: 26 h: 60 d: 36

Material information

Solid oak, available in oiled, clear lacquered or red. Object 4 & 5 include plywood sections.

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