Designed with Note

Supersoft came about as a response to the preconceptions of what sofas in the Nordics are. A modular sofa designed to be large and welcoming with a level of comfort unlike anything we’ve ever made before. In short, it’s so good you’ll find it very very hard to leave it.

With a range of modular sections to choose from, Supersoft can be made to appear more traditional in a two or three seater variation or opened up, using chaise longue modules and open ended pieces to create something more modern.

One aspect which Note was very keen to develop is that Supersoft’s upholstery can be easily removed for cleaning. Something that will help extend the lifespan of this beautiful, voluptuous piece of furniture.

Supersoft was created to be used with the Supersolid range of objects, to make it even more useful.

Standard depth
97 cm
78 cm
Seat height
45 cm
Chaise longue depth
160 cm
1.5 seater with armrest
Width 133 cm
1.5 seater no armrest
Width 110
1 seater with armrest
Width 120
1 seater no armrest
Width 97 cm

Material information

Solid oak frame, board materials in back and armrests for shape. Seat and armrests with polyether and wadding, back cushion with down feather mix, and comforell. Removable upholstery in fabric. Legs in oak available in all Fogia standard treatments.

Please note: Combinations with chaise longue and open side require unpatterned or non-directional fabrics.

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