Designed with Andreas Engesvik

Andreas Engesvik’s Bollo series has been one of Fogia’s most defining designs. Instantly recognisable, with its generous curves balanced on refined steel legs. For 2018 we wanted to see how the designer might reinterpret Bollo for a new audience, a new time. His response is a visually arresting dining chair, unmistakably Bollo but refined for its new setting. Engesvik spent time testing the perfect density of foam for a comfort level that’s perfect for those long, drawn out leisurely evening soirees enjoyed in southern France, Italy and Spain.

80 cm
64 cm
61.5 cm
Seat Height
47 cm
Seat depth
44 cm

Material information

Metal frame with wooden backrest and armrests. Rubber seat with woven wadding and foam cushioning. Back and armrests have foam padding.

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