Designed with Luca Nichetto

It’s ironic that the final resting place and legacy of one of Venice’s finest glass artisans should be here, in Stockholm, the Venice of the North as it’s fondly referred to. The link between the two lands is designer Luca Nichetto, whose roots lie in Venice and the island of Murano (the home of Venetian glass) is where the designer practised for many years before settling in Stockholm. 

The piece of glass in question is Luft, created in a very limited edition in 2017 as a homage to his homeland and its heritage. Luft was produced by NasonMoretti in Murano, a factory which was has a record of being technically progressive and rich in its range of artistic influences. NasonMoretti is particularly active in its colour development, blending ancient recipes with new findings in its ranges. At the time of writing there are 22 shades of green alone and eight for blue. 

We commissioned 33 Lufts in total, which are all delivered in a handmade wooden box and hand numbered by the glass blower. Shortly after the delivery, fate played its card and the glass blower, who made each piece with painstaking passion and skill, retired. To our collective surprise, unlike many others of his kind, the glass blower never took on an apprentice. And so it is that Luft is the final piece of exquisite work of its kind. 

We hope that these last remaining pieces of the Luft collection will find their way into the homes and hearts of lovers of craft, passion and hard-earned skill. 

A true piece of modern treasure. Only 8 remain, currently for sale at our Fogia Market concept space in Stockholm. Email for more details.


H: 35 cm Ø:24 cm
H: 45 cm Ø: 22 cm

Material information

More exclusive applied art pieces than accessories
Limited, signed edition – 33 vases in each version
Vases produced in Murano, Italy
Two sizes in different colours with one pattern

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