Big Sur Table

Designed with Simon Klenell & Kristoffer Sundin

Big Sur is an elegant and innovative coffee table made up of glass sheets available in four different colours. Mixing and matching the colours on the top and bottom layer means the table’s shadow casts different shades, creating dramatic contrasts. The numerous possible combinations make it easy to create interesting variations and “landscapes”.

The name is inspired by California dreaming. Big Sur being an area of California with dramatic views, epitomising the dream of a free and wonderful life (and the reason why so many people choose to drive the popular Highway 1).

95 x 95 cm
76 x 76 cm
Total height
45 cm

Material information

Tempered glass tabletop and shelf mounted on thick oak legs, delivered flat packed for customer assembly. Choose from different colours for glass sections: clear, dark blue, green and brown. Legs available in three standard stains.

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