Arch is a sturdy, geometric shelving unit created using a few simple shapes. Combine elements and colours for a striking aesthetic. The design is a clean combination of bent wood and straight lines and a great level of strength, making it very practical for everyday living.


Archetto is a smaller sibling to the Arch series. A wall mounted shelf that offers a generous surface for your most precious items. Archetto was born when three arches were put together, where one arch crossed two meeting horizontal arches and created a tray surface.


Bond answers the increasing demand for storage solutions which fit open-plan living and working, giving the user a flexible, durable and beautiful system which can be assembled in seconds without tools.


Boss is a classic yet modern storage series inspired by 1950’s Scandinavian style. Boss is designed to be functional, living piece of furniture where great consideration has been given to the materials used in its construction.

Bowl large and small


Bowl is an aesthetically strong storage unit to keep your everyday items close to hand. A true piece of multi-functional furniture, items placed within take on a new aesthetic meaning, whether you choose to be creative with your selection of items or a little more haphazard.

Combiplex Series

One of Fogia’s earliest pieces, and a pioneering one at that. The original founders of Fogia discovered a new way of bonding glass and plexiglass, enabling them to create unique products like the Combiplex series, which we still carry to this day. Partly as a homage to our founders, but also because it’s still pretty cool.

Hawu side tables in black by Diiis


Hawu is a quietly innovative piece. With its integrated trivets and bookends, which act as part of the shelf’s fixing system, it’s a piece that draws the eye. Can be dismantled for easy transportation, and its durability will see them through many lifecycles.



Designed with Note Supersolid is a range of objects developed as a point of contrast to the softness of Supersoft. It’s a range of design objects that enhance Supersoft’s function as a central part of a space and complement the sofa. Although each piece in the collection appears to have a function in mind, there’s nothing […]

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