Designed with Atelier Alba The story of the Block loveseat is a classic tale of boy meets girl. Or, in this case, emerging architecture studio randomly meets progressively innovative Swedish design producer. The rest as they say is history. Swedish architecture and design studio, Atelier Alba had used a few of Fogia’s Barbas in its […]


A harmonious character with a welcoming charm, is how Note would describe Figurine if it were a person.The chair is created for the home environment, where a timeless design has to be matched with impeccable quality.


Designed with TAF Studio Ironically, Hood was the first brief that was ever given to TAF Studio from Fogia. But this simple chair is exceptionally complicated and has taken close to five years to bring into production in a way that fulfils its initial promise.  Modern, striking and surprisingly innovative, one key element of the […]

Rear image of Myko chair, metal leg version, designed by Stefan Borselius for Fogia


Perfect proportions, precise construction, minimal waste and fine use of materials, that’s Myko. Surround your dining table with them, or slide one under your desk, and you’ll soon find excuses to sit for a while longer than usual.

Myko with armrests

Myko is one of those quiet classics. Instantly recognisable sitting taut and resolute, it’s a brilliant balance of form and function. In 2019, the chair range was expanded with the addition of armrests, to bring even more usability.

Bollo Spisolini


We wanted to see how Andreas Engesvik might reinterpret Bollo for a new audience, a new time. His response is a visually arresting dining chair, Spisolini poised and refined for its new setting.

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All done. Nice work.