Andreas Engesvik

One of Fogia’s most popular collaborators, Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik has been with us since the beginning of what we could call ‘Fogia 2.0’. We had a word.

Describe your studio?
Not very big, we work from a small villa in central Oslo. This small
stone house. Just two of us, senior designer Fredrik Wærnes and I.
It’s not important to have a big studio, but it is important for me
to have a high-quality output. For me launching twenty products
is meaningless. Design isn’t a competition. Keep the quality, run a
studio for the output, not the business.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I love old cars. Have an old sports car. I like to repair that, and am
the member of a club in Oslo. It’s a ’74 Alfa Romeo Bertone Coupe.
A beautiful coupe with a lovely motor.


Which designers do you actually buy yourself ?
I don’t buy so much at all. I don’t have a strong urge to consume. I’ve
a pretty non-sentimental approach to objects and owning them.
Last thing I bought was a Safari chair by Kaare Klint.

Describe your home.
It’s a regular home. Not expensive. It serves its purpose and has
honest simple qualities. Nice materials. I’ve a few nice things of
course, but most of them are well used and old.

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All done. Nice work.