A Lifelong Bond

Elin & Martin, founders of Main talk and designers of Bond talk creativity, sustainability and materials.

“We’ve done a lot of projects together before and during the existence of Main. Speaking about Bond and the other things we do though, re-use and modularity are key points for us. Reinvention and always having some form of relevance. That’s something that occupies our thoughts and ambitions as a team. A table or a chair that’s designed well can have that relevance and timelessness.

When it comes to storage and being practical, we saw something missing. There has to be flexibility. And balance between aesthetics and function. And if you make something right you don’t have to have that contradiction. The main ambition behind Bond was to make something that can change this category of furniture, a system that can challenge the whole fixed/built conceptions.
We saw a gap and had the ambition to fill it. 

We’re also very tapped into sustainability. If something can change with you and evolve with you then that’s sustainable, perhaps the best kind. A loop that doesn’t need to close. With long lasting materials and a long-lasting way of thinking, you’re not building yourself into a corner. 

If we can’t achieve this with a product we will not make it.

Our relationship with Fogia is quite young. And the people we’ve met seem driven and ambitious but not driven by prestige. It’s not out to be a super prestigious brand. It’s a brand that listens to designers and has an owner who’s very involved and invested in the design process.

You can feel there’s an ambition to be a part of the bigger picture. Not just having the latest piece on the ‘news’ pages of an interiors magazine. Maybe that’s why we’re a good match as we’re also quite conscious and thinking as designers.”

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All done. Nice work.