A Grand Choice

Tove Regnander knows a bit about design, founding Grand Relations together with Hans Hjelmqvist in 2014. A dedicated design PR and communications agency, Grand represents many of Scandinavia’s most well known design firms. 

Fogia has had a relationship with Grand for many years, and Regnander has seen our collection blossom with new pieces and new designers along the way. So who better to select her five favourite pieces from Fogia Collection. 

1. Barba Sofa

“It’s cool but already feels quite classic—especially in the soft, white, welcoming Karakorum Ivory textile from Dedar. It’s the perfect piece if you want to bring the Scandinavian aesthetic into your home.”

2. Utility

“A new shape and form that I don’t think I’ve really encountered before. It catches the eye immediately, and you find yourself thinking about how you’d place it into your apartment without realising.”

3. Luft

“Pure beauty and handcraft combined. Just dreamy shapes and expressions.”

4. Tabula

“I’m a devoted marble lover. So for me, this is perfect as a more affordable alternative, with that Art Deco feeling and form that’s going to stand the test of time.”

5. Bollo

“A Fogia design classic. I’ve loved it from the moment I first laid eyes on it.” 

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