Fogia Factory

You Are What You Make

For us to produce our collection to the highest standards of quality, construction and handcraft, while leaving a minimal imprint on resources, we look to the skills of the artisans at our own Factory. The resources at our factory brings incredible benefits to Fogia as a whole, giving us the chance to monitor closely the quality of every stage of our production to giving our design collaborators free access to the skills of our artisans to realise their work wholly. For the end client or customer the impact our factory has on Fogia is everything; it creates a piece of furniture, made exactly to their specifications, that will become an integral part of their lives. 



Crafted without compromise

From carpentry to upholstery, metal fabrication, stains, paints and surface treatments, our craftsmen work closely with our design collaborators to realise our designs without compromise. 

We’re as happy to bring new techniques into our factory as we are to draw on traditional craft methods; the only important thing is that the end product surpasses expectation. 


Fogia makes everything by hand

Crafting more with less

We work to minimise waste, we work to minimise our impact on our surroundings and we only work with designers who share our vision of preserving and nurturing our resources.

At Fogia controlling the production from start to finish ensures less waste and higher quality standards.

Our sawmill lies at the heart of our approach to sustainability. Having an on-site sawmill allows us to bring in timber as harvested logs, so that we can use as much wood as possible from each log. It also means that we can harvest from local FSC-certified forests, which greatly reduces lengthy transport emissions.

Fogia's saw millCrafted for a reason

We believe that quality is everything when it comes to design and production. Handcrafting each piece of Fogia to a customer’s exact requirements; the colour they want, the materials they wish for, the detailing they value. We do this because it’s part of our responsibility to make you fall deeply in love with our furniture.

A product you love, made properly from good materials is one you’ll never throw away. You’ll cherish it. And future generations will do likewise. 


Enclose by Norm finished and ready to leave the factory

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