Villa Schjøtt

In Bergen, Norway, a 1960s architectural masterpiece by Geir Grung has undergone a significant transformation. Two years ago, in August, Nina and Morten Michelsen, experts in interior and renovation, embarked on a comprehensive project with the objective of modernizing Villa Schjøtt while preserving its remarkable character.

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"We aimed to maintain the '70s aesthetics in terms of materials and design, adding a contemporary touch. Choosing Fogia was a natural fit, as their products offer a timelessness that aligns with our vision and allows us to achieve our goals," says Nina.

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In Villa Schjøtt, a selection of Fogia products, including the Jord Sofa, Bollo Dining Chair, Lyra Armchair, Velar Sofa, and Utility Ottoman, was featured. Carefully chosen options, such as Bollo in smooth green leather and Jord in an elegant tweed fabric, added a special touch to the setting.

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“The collaboration with Fogia was straightforward and easy. The selected products and materials not only completed but also enhanced the transformation of the house,” concludes Nina.

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The Villa Schjøtt project illustrates a meticulous renovation, blending historical preservation with modern design— all planned, managed, designed, and executed by the Michelsens in Bergen, Norway.