Atrium Ljungberg

Atrium Ljungberg owns develops and manages properties. With a heavy focus on retail and offices, the group seeks to bring a lively sense of energy and community to its projects. Today much of its work is dedicated to ‘districts’ rather than individual properties; making destinations where urban life can thrive and develop naturally. 

Its head office is located in Stockholm, designed by the company itself the space has won many plaudits and features a selection of tasteful, inviting Fogia elements in its communal areas. 


The modular Jord sofa system makes an impression with clean lines, deep seats, and a low-to-the-ground form that welcomes peaceful sitting, reclining or curling up. Designed with Luca Nichetto.

Like many of our pieces, Jord is modular by design with solo and large corner configurations that sing in open spaces. Supplementary details like table units, corners and adjustable armrests allow you to create a seating system for life.


Iconic and sleek, with neo-vintage styling, Tiki has secured its place in the Scandinavian design landscape. A collection beyond comparison. Designed with Andreas Engesvik.

The iconic Tiki collection is a visually simple collection with a high level of comfort. Tiki has a feather light, yet informal expression. Made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality, Tiki can be specified in leather, suedes or textile, with a choice of leg colours. The collection consist of sofas in two sizes, armchairs in two sizes and a matching pouf.