Sling armchair

Designed with Note

Sling is a distinctive armchair, with contrasts of hard and soft from every angle. Its metal frame gives an impression of strength, against upholstery in soft tones and tactile textile. A classic study of modern Scandinavian design for home or public space. (Sling is available in armchair and sofa variations.)

Armchair total height
88 cm
Armchair seat height
43 cm
Armchair total depth
75 cm
Armchair seat depth
49 cm
Armchair width
67 cm
Mini sofa total height
88 cm
Mini sofa seat height
43 cm
Mini sofa total depth
75 cm
Min sofa seat depth
52 cm
Mini sofa width
125 cm

Material information

Frame in solid beech. Back with molded plywood and rubber bands. Seat with nozagfeather. Layers of highly elastic cold foam of different densities in the seat. Upholstery with fiber padding. Fixed cover. Metal frame painted in RAL Classic, in two standard colors. Available in different RAL Classic colors at additional cost.

*Möbelfakta Approved*

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