Designed with TAF Studio

Niche is a nimble take on the club chair based on a larger version which was made exclusively for the restaurant in the newly-renovated Swedish National Museum.
With Niche, TAF has stripped it back the club chair, giving it a more modern, minimal aesthetic. When specced with leather upholstery Niche will not be piped, so the seam will be raw for a edgy look. Textile versions will have double piping for structure. The chair has a very tight footprint, making it perfect for places where floor space is limited.

The National Museum Niche is available on commission, for more information and images head to our Contract section. Or, email us with your request and we’ll go from there. 


Width (top corners)
67 cm
Width (mid section)
60 cm
67 cm
73 cm

Material information

Metal frame, upholstered in leather or fabric, which can be completely removed, changed and fully recycled.

*Möbelfakta Approved*

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