Designed with TAF Studio

Ironically, Hood was the first brief that was ever given to TAF Studio from Fogia. But this simple chair is exceptionally complicated and has taken close to five years to bring into production in a way that fulfils its initial promise. 

Modern, striking and surprisingly innovative, one key element of the brief was that, aside from its metal frame, there was to be no solid parts in the upholstery; everything soft and suspended.

Hood’s frame is unique when compared to vintage cantilevered chairs, from which the studio sought much of its inspiration. It’s got unique bend angles at the top and bottom of the chair, plus the frame is in two sections, to make it easier to transport.

However, all this is forgotten when you sit down and feel the five years of R&D that has gone into a ridiculously comfortable armchair. Five years well spent in our opinion.

68.5 cm
73.8 cm
61.7 cm

Material information

Bent metal frame in two sections, removable upholstered 'hanging seat'. Seat upholstery available in red, blue, black, white, yellow, green and grey. Frame in black RAL 9005.

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