Alex armchair

The Alex armchair forms a part of the Alex sofa series. A modern design by Koncept, with excellent comfort and great options for customisation, Alex gives you the freedom to combine sections and fabrics that suit your home.

Alex Footstool

The Alex footstool is a part of the Alex modular sofa and armchair range. Equally as adaptable as its counterparts in the series, it can be dressed in numerous textiles and fabrics with legs selected to match your existing furniture.

Alex High Edition

With modern design, excellent comfort and great choices, Alex gives you the freedom to combine sections and fabrics that suit your home. One of our most popular sofa systems. Alex High is also available with a slightly lower back cushion (7 cm less) for a slimmer profile.


Arch is a sturdy, geometric shelving unit created using a few simple shapes. Combine elements and colours for a striking aesthetic. The design is a clean combination of bent wood and straight lines and a great level of strength, making it very practical for everyday living.


Archetto is a smaller sibling to the Arch series. A wall mounted shelf that offers a generous surface for your most precious items. Archetto was born when three arches were put together, where one arch crossed two meeting horizontal arches and created a tray surface.


Area is a series of smaller tables that can be combined or used individually. The top appears to hover just above the legs which gives a lighter impression. The construction is honest and straightforward, with an artisan spirit. This speaks of classic design tradition with simple and clean Scandinavian lines.


Barba is a beautiful sofa with the aesthetical grace that’s perfect for all environments. Flowing forms dominate the series, with a much lower drop in the skirt to add presence. Beneath the surface, a sturdy wooden frame keeps things strong and structurally sound. Named after the French word for candy floss and influenced by the classic cartoon characters.

Barba armchair

Named after the French word for candy floss and influenced by the classic cartoon characters, this is the Barba armchair, which can be used with the Barba sofa, or on its own.

Big Sur Desk and Myko chair

Big Sur Desk

Expanding on their Big Sur concept, Simon Klenell & Kristoffer Sundin upsized the form 
to create a super-powerful desk. Like it’s smaller counterpart, it’s a deceptively complex piece in terms of its construction and engineering. Its dual glass sheets still cast those beautiful shadows
and can be mixed to create your own personal colour combination.

Big Sur table lifestyle

Big Sur Table

Big Sur is an elegant and innovative coffee table made up of glass sheets available in four different colours. Mixing and matching the colours on the top and bottom layer means the table’s shadow casts different shades, creating dramatic contrasts.


Designed with Atelier Alba The story of the Block loveseat is a classic tale of boy meets girl. Or, in this case, emerging architecture studio randomly meets progressively innovative Swedish design producer. The rest as they say is history. Swedish architecture and design studio, Atelier Alba had used a few of Fogia’s Barbas in its […]


Bollo was initiated as a typical Scandinavian lounge chair with slim features and modest use of materials. The final result is a chair driven by comfort, both visually and in use. Bollo has a strong character inspired by its heightened level of comfort, with generously shaped cushions and a bold appearance.


Bond answers the increasing demand for storage solutions which fit open-plan living and working, giving the user a flexible, durable and beautiful system which can be assembled in seconds without tools.


Boss is a classic yet modern storage series inspired by 1950’s Scandinavian style. Boss is designed to be functional, living piece of furniture where great consideration has been given to the materials used in its construction.

Bowl large and small


Bowl is an aesthetically strong storage unit to keep your everyday items close to hand. A true piece of multi-functional furniture, items placed within take on a new aesthetic meaning, whether you choose to be creative with your selection of items or a little more haphazard.

Campo sofa by Stefan Borselius


Campo is a clean, assured form that fits anywhere, with a versatile function that lends itself to life and all its moments. With its ellipse armrests and plush downfilled cushions there’s a friendliness to Campo, and its warmth seems to fill any space.


Craft meets brutalism in Ceramics, a series of decorative craft pieces that explore size and shape in the home. Made to be used, made to be loved, made to be cherished.

Chilli red


Well-tailored, flexible and comfort were the watchwords when we asked Håkan Urdell to design a new armchair. With Chili you can create a personal armchair thanks to our wide range of beautiful fabrics.

Combiplex Series

One of Fogia’s earliest pieces, and a pioneering one at that. The original founders of Fogia discovered a new way of bonding glass and plexiglass, enabling them to create unique products like the Combiplex series, which we still carry to this day. Partly as a homage to our founders, but also because it’s still pretty cool.

Copper table


Copper, designed by Koncept is a range of coffee tables with many possible combinations thanks to the different heights, sizes and surface treatments. 


Dini challenges the old stereotypes of what a sofa should look like with a new, updated, elegant and subdued variation on a typical sofa, with a modern twist. Design-wise, Dini belongs to the Scandinavian aesthetic, a timeless design that just becomes better and better with every glance.


Embody was originally created as a stool to complement the Enclose armchair. Yet, when we saw it, the piece had such a strong identity it warrants a life of its own. A strong oak base rises to meet the soft seat cushion which can be upholstered in textile or leather.


Embrace is a scaled down version of the studio’s statement armchair, Enclose—launched in 2018. Created to allow plays on scale and height within a space when combined with Enclose, Embrace’s reduced size is a little more versatile in the home environment.


For Enclose, Norm looked to nature for inspiration for this attractive wingback. Two shells, resting on a wooden base that invite you to sit. Both shells are individually upholstered, easier to change the look over time if you desire. A companion that will follow you loyally through life.


A harmonious character with a welcoming charm, is how Note would describe Figurine if it were a person.The chair is created for the home environment, where a timeless design has to be matched with impeccable quality.

Figuring barstool group

Figurine barstool

Figurine’s barstool edition brings the high levels of comfort from the Figurine chair to another level. Solid construction and stable in use, its proportions are spot on. Choose from a range of finishes and two heights to complete your look.

Figurine stool

The Figurine stool is a natural addition to the Figurine family and is designed for the home, where timeless design has to be balanced with impeccable quality. A range of good, classic stools that are with you for life.

Figurine table and chairs close crop

Figurine Table

The Figurine table is part of the Figurine range, a home kitchen range which also includes chairs, stools and bar stools. A classic family of wooden furniture in typical Scandinavian design without unnecessary details.


Designed with Todd Bracher Studio Fragment is a new modular seating system created with designer Todd Bracher. The collaboration marks Fogia’s first collection with a US-based designer.  Responding to the rapidly changing ways in which we work and live today, Bracher’s design enables a wide variety of configurations, adapting to multiple settings and uses. Fragment […]

Gito side table designed by Diiis


The ambition with Gito was to make a tabletop from two materials, aesthetically-pleasing even on a tactile level. And the name… Gi(n and) To(nic). From life’s contrasts come the most lasting of impressions.


Grande is a table for people with hints of Japanese shaker design blended with Scandinavian detailing. Designed with a purposeful duality, Note found a balance between dining, meeting and working.

Hawu side tables in black by Diiis


Hawu is a quietly innovative piece. With its integrated trivets and bookends, which act as part of the shelf’s fixing system, it’s a piece that draws the eye. Can be dismantled for easy transportation, and its durability will see them through many lifecycles.


Designed with TAF Studio Ironically, Hood was the first brief that was ever given to TAF Studio from Fogia. But this simple chair is exceptionally complicated and has taken close to five years to bring into production in a way that fulfils its initial promise.  Modern, striking and surprisingly innovative, one key element of the […]

Jord modular sofa and Ropemaker rug


The Jord sofa is luxury personified and manifested in a sofa system, a top-notch international product with a Scandinavian twist. This is truly a premium product, a prestigious piece in the absolute upper echelon of seating the world over. Exclusive materials and lavish solutions.


Kimi is a simple mirror designed to be easy to mount and move around the home. With a thick wooden backplate, clean bevelled edges and tactile leather strap its design means that you don’t have to worry about it being perfectly aligned with your wall—it’ll settle itself. A beautiful piece, as we’ve come to expect from one of Sweden’s foremost craft exponents. 


Designed with Norm Architects Koku is a new occasional table range, created in collaboration with Danish design agency, Norm Architects, and inspired by revered American-Japanese craftsman, architect and designer, George Nakashima. Koku is named after the island of Shikoku, the site of Nakashima’s former workshops and the setting for an influential research trip for Norm […]

Koster blankets in lifestyle image


The Koster blankets are christened after a rainy island on Sweden’s west coast. Its colourways take tones from those moments when the sun breaks its way through sheets of rain; with that intense, deep colour that the sea takes on crossing each rug horizontally.

Land Valley, lifestyle image


Land began as an exploration of colour; to find compositions that are dynamic yet discreet. Note began referencing initial colour scales found in beautiful natural images but then found its thoughts diverted by the composition of the colour combinations themselves.


Designed with Andreas Engesvik Lara is a simple, elegant table that brings a heavy-duty element through its construction and materials. It’s one of those pieces that looks simple but is actually very technically demanding to make. A piece like Lara has to balance their simplicity with good looks but also be made in a way […]


LUFT is a range of vases created by Luca Nichetto, hand blown in Murano, Italy, where the designer himself comes from. Limited edition run, contact Fogia for availability.


Designed with Andreas Engesvik The aim of the Lyra chaise lounge design was to introduce a forgotten category into the modern home. A longer chair with raised support for the legs and a wide seating area that allows for relaxation and comfort without taking up too much space.  The chaise lounge is flexibly designed, you […]

Mame armchair with Bond shelving in the background, and Persimon table lamp


Nichetto’s Mame chair is a beautiful piece of furniture. With proportions that feel at ease in an interior setting, and a supreme level of comfort, it’s a really honest piece of design.

Mame Footstool

The Mame footstool is the matching stool to Luca Nichetto’s impactful Mame armchair, one of Fogia’s most iconic pieces of soft seating. Mirroring the welcoming rounded forms of the armchair and with matching legs, it’s the perfect accompaniment; the perfect way to take the weight off your feet. 

Morris blue


Morris remains one of Fogia’s most popular sofas. One reason is the many choices Morris offers – combine as you like and dress it in any of our carefully selected fabrics.

Morris Low

Morris Low is one of Fogia’s most popular sofas. Its generous dimensions and minimalist design gives it a modern, open and clean impression. Morris Low has numerous modular elements to choose from.

Rear image of Myko chair, metal leg version, designed by Stefan Borselius for Fogia


Perfect proportions, precise construction, minimal waste and fine use of materials, that’s Myko. Surround your dining table with them, or slide one under your desk, and you’ll soon find excuses to sit for a while longer than usual.

Myko with armrests

Myko is one of those quiet classics. Instantly recognisable sitting taut and resolute, it’s a brilliant balance of form and function. In 2019, the chair range was expanded with the addition of armrests, to bring even more usability.


Niche is a nimble take on the club chair based on a larger version which was made exclusively for the restaurant in the newly-renovated Swedish National Museum. With Niche, TAF has stripped it back the club chair, giving it a more modern, minimal aesthetic.

Niche sofa

This variant of Niche was originally created for the Swedish Nation Museum’s restaurant, as part of an extensive refurbishment by a collective of Sweden’s foremost designers and creators. Its size was dictated by the niches which are dotted throughout the restaurant…

Pastille side view


Designed with TAF Studio Pastille is a handy little table that fits in anywhere with great aplomb. Thanks to its small size, the table can be placed next to or in front of a sofa or armchair. An extra surface in the kitchen? A coffee table? A side table? A bedside table? Pastille is a […]

Persimon table lamp and single pendant

Persimon (pendants)

Persimon was a piece that broke new ground for Fogia, and our longstanding collaborators Note was the logical partner for creating the inaugural piece in our new lighting range. Available as large or small pendant lamp, cluster pendants or table lamp version.

Persimon (table lamp)

Persimon by Note Design Studio was Fogia’s first foray into lighting. For 2019 we added a table lamp version in two sizes. Both feature the same soft form inspired by the segments of the fruit that gives the lamp its name and are dimmable. The shade’s white opal glass gives a glow that’s powerful without being too harsh.

Poppy pouf by Nina Jobs


The round, quilted shape of the pouf is reminiscent of a beautiful flower with petals spreading out, or a pastry, or Japanese lanterns. It’s available in multiple sizes and can be upholstered in a number of different fabrics, making it a flexible styling item for all homes.

Print rugs designed by Luca Nichetto


Print is another great addition to our range of rugs. Each colour way flows through a block of the colour spectrum with an almost binary repeat. The graphical design itself comes from the test printout used by office and home printers.

Group of Rest Cushions


The Rest cushions are made with soft textural fabrics and colours ranging from playful accents to pared back neutrals. Each cushion has a textured face and a flatter, more discreet side for more variation.

Retreat Sofa, Area table and Ropemaker rug, with Luft vase making an appearance


Retreat is a timeless modular sofa made to withstand passing trends. Bold yet soft, Retreat is based around an undulating base unit that can be tailored to make areas of cosy reflection or opened up for festivities.


Ribbon is a range of rugs with a design that draws on classic Scandinavian rugs but with colour combinations that bring them bang up to date. With heavy focus on weaving quality and materiality, each rug is hand-knotted and tufted, making each piece unique.

Ropemaker in grey


The Ropemaker Rug collection complements Fogia’s existing rug range with vibrant monochrome rugs that exude energy and interest thanks to the materials and technology used. As the name suggests, Ropemaker is inspired by classic rope making.

Sling armchair

Sling is a distinctive armchair, with contrasts of hard and soft from every angle. Its metal frame gives an impression of strength, against upholstery in soft tones and tactile textile.

Sling sofa

The Sling sofa is a distinctive piece of furniture, with contrasts of hard and soft from every angle. Its metal frame gives an impression of strength, against upholstery in soft tones and tactile textile.

Bollo Spisolini


We wanted to see how Andreas Engesvik might reinterpret Bollo for a new audience, a new time. His response is a visually arresting dining chair, Spisolini poised and refined for its new setting.


Designed with Note Supersoft came about as a response to the preconceptions of what sofas in the Nordics are. A modular sofa designed to be large and welcoming with a level of comfort unlike anything we’ve ever made before. In short, it’s so good you’ll find it very very hard to leave it. With a range […]



Designed with Note Supersolid is a range of objects developed as a point of contrast to the softness of Supersoft. It’s a range of design objects that enhance Supersoft’s function as a central part of a space and complement the sofa. Although each piece in the collection appears to have a function in mind, there’s nothing […]



Supper is a simple and elegant dining table that does not compromise on functionality. Despite its convenient expanding feature, Supper still possess a delicate aesthetic, with slim proportions and a visual lightness.

Supper Round Group Shot

Supper Round

Supper Round is the ultimate table to gather around, whether for everyday use or special occasions. Its round shape creates a pleasant place for socialising and interesting conversations, as no-one around the table is too far away for a chat.

Tabula on white background


Material intensity meets simple lines in the series of tables we call tabula. Standing alone, or as part of a group, tabula is a rich piece with thick leather detailing and topped with beautiful terrazzo. A piece referencing lines from the past and pitching them out towards the future.

Tiki in brown, weathered leather with Pastille table


The Tiki sofa is a visually simple 3-seat sofa with a high level of comfort. Tiki has a feather light, yet informal expression. The lines are soft yet defined with hints of how the sofa will look with age. A true Fogia icon, it’s a design which etches itself in your mind and soul.

Tiki armchair

The Tiki armchair matches the Tiki stool and sofa. For extra design scope, Tiki armchair is available in two sizes.

Tiki two-seater and footstool

Tiki stool

Tiki is a piece designed to be experienced, inviting the user to touch and explore its construction. The Tiki footstool can be used on its own or combined with the iconic Tiki sofa or armchair.



Tondo Sofa is a demonstration of creativity meeting precise craftsmanship. A minimalistic yet soft sofa, in intelligent colourways, it’s a piece that sits in all contexts — domestic or public.

Tondo armchair

The basic idea behind Tondo is about the tension that arises in the game of opposites. It is designed to work equally well in public spaces and at home, it’s thin but still soft, simple yet still its own, lightweight but sturdy.


Note design studio evolve Fogia’s quiet success, Upp with new glossy colours black, white, beige and red/brown. Explore scale and vertical height; using Upp as decorative pedestals, plates, display devices… And now combine gloss and matt versions for even greater styling options.


Utility is a versatile stool in two sizes with space for more than one perching on them at a time. An architectural frame and legs is capped by a soft cushion. With its careful attention to detail and proportions, Utility draws together the elements of a room. 

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