Designed with Atelier Alba The story of the Block loveseat is a classic tale of boy meets girl. Or, in this case, emerging architecture studio randomly meets progressively innovative Swedish design producer. The rest as they say is history. Swedish architecture and design studio, Atelier Alba had used a few of Fogia’s Barbas in its […]


Designed with TAF Studio Ironically, Hood was the first brief that was ever given to TAF Studio from Fogia. But this simple chair is exceptionally complicated and has taken close to five years to bring into production in a way that fulfils its initial promise.  Modern, striking and surprisingly innovative, one key element of the […]


Designed with Andreas Engesvik Lara is a simple, elegant table that brings a heavy-duty element through its construction and materials. It’s one of those pieces that looks simple but is actually very technically demanding to make. A piece like Lara has to balance their simplicity with good looks but also be made in a way […]


Designed with Andreas Engesvik The aim of the Lyra chaise lounge design was to introduce a forgotten category into the modern home. A longer chair with raised support for the legs and a wide seating area that allows for relaxation and comfort without taking up too much space.  The chaise lounge is flexibly designed, you […]


Designed with Note Supersoft came about as a response to the preconceptions of what sofas in the Nordics are. A modular sofa designed to be large and welcoming with a level of comfort unlike anything we’ve ever made before. In short, it’s so good you’ll find it very very hard to leave it. With a range […]



Designed with Note Supersolid is a range of objects developed as a point of contrast to the softness of Supersoft. It’s a range of design objects that enhance Supersoft’s function as a central part of a space and complement the sofa. Although each piece in the collection appears to have a function in mind, there’s nothing […]

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All done. Nice work.