Fogia is a brand in transition. Moving from a safe place to somewhere new but with the final destination relatively unknown. One thing we do know is that Fogia as a brand has the ambition to begin this journey towards the new.
And ambition is something we’ve always had.

The reason Fogia was founded in 1981 was ambition, the drive that led our founders to pioneer the bonding of glass and plexiglass.
Our ambition is something we don’t often champion; we’ re a Swedish brand after all, from the land where being openly ambitious is often frowned upon. But does design need more companies that toe the line as part of the collective unit?
The pieces in Fogia’s 2019 collection come from the ambition we have to produce the finest furniture in Scandinavia, Europe even. The designers working with us share an ambition to push our factory to its limits, and our factory in turn strives to give each designer a place where they can work without restrictions.
Part of our ambitious journey is opening our first showroom in New York this year and continuing to expand and export pieces to all corners of the globe. We also are injecting more focus into quality items for the contract sectors as well as home interiors. The way we work and where we do it is deeply connected and affects our output.
We’re also changing the way we develop our core collection and aren’t going to wait for the big furniture fairs. If a product is ready we’ll set it free, with new drops set for throughout 2019. This will also allow us to be
more responsive to the changing needs of society of living and working. So, expect to see not only new pieces this year, but iterations in existing ranges when opportunities to advance and progress a piece appear.

As a design company and producer, Fogia is a brand built on the relationships with our collaborators. Each of them bringing their own set of expectations, aspirations and ambitions to their work. In that respect, our Journal this year is about these individuals and how their work is influenced by their ambition.
What we discovered is that each of them is driven by a different range of ideals, there is a collective feeling that their ambitions keep them focused and driven to create pieces that make a contribution to life now and in the
future. Our ambition is to give them the right kind of environment to let this happen, with the levels of quality that Fogia has become synonymous with, so that they’ll remain relevant for generations to come.
By the time we write our next Journal it’s likely that our destination will be more defined but be assured that our ambition this year is to create a collection that is far more diverse than any other design company in Sweden.

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